Businesses in Oregon create some of the highest quality food products in the world. We're rolling out a delicious new category of Oregon food products produced and sourced locally statewide: PANTRY! We're just getting started, so browse a sampling of pantry items below and if you have a favorite one not listed, let us know so we can add it.

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Oregon’s coastal bounty is hard to beat. No matter where you live — even hundreds of miles from the Coast — you can enjoy Oregon’s freshest seafood all year round. Search below to find and connect with some of Oregon's fishers and eat Oregon seafood!

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Wherever you are in Oregon, there’s a farm, ranch, fishery, farmers market, CSA, or marketplace near you that can help you find what you’re looking for. Search below by region or category to find and connect with Oregon food producers near you, and statewide, as many businesses offer online marketplaces.

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Oregon Taste is a directory of local, fresh foods offered by independent producers statewide. Support Oregon farmers, fishers and ranchers and discover where to find fresh grown foods at local farms, farmers markets, ranches, stands, u-pick fields, orchards and online farm shops in your community.

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Oregon’s diverse agricultural communities offer a statewide bounty of fresh foods. Different regions of Oregon have different food offerings. Search by region to find the fresh foods near you or anywhere across the state.

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From baked goods, to sauces and salsas, to fine cheese, there are thousands of delicious, top quality food products that come from Oregon. The state's diverse range of agricultural products—along with its soil, climate and people—make Oregon an iconic location for many foods and beverages. That's why we're rolling out our new Oregon food directory category, PANTRY, so that you can connect with more food makers who are producing and sourcing locally.

Our Pantry is a work in progress, so if you have a favorite Oregon pantry item, let us know so we can add it. Anyone can submit a business!

Thank you Oregon Department of Agriculture for making these great commercials and for celebrating Oregon Agriculture every day.

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Oregonians savor local foods. And for good reason – Oregon’s farmers, ranchers, and fishers produce some of the world’s finest, tastiest, healthiest foods. Oregon Taste, a project of James Beard Public Market, helps connect Oregonians to these incredible local producers. helps locals and visitors find and connect with their local farmers, ranchers, fishers, and all others who produce Oregon's unparalleled fresh grown foods.

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