Oregon Taste of the Month

A Public Service Project of the James Beard Public Market

Through the Oregon Taste of the Month Activation, local producers gain a dedicated platform to reach a wider audience, and consumers are empowered to make conscious choices that support their local food ecosystem. This cycle of engagement, promotion, and education forms the cornerstone of OT's commitment to strengthening the local food community in Portland and beyond.

Every month we will highlight the culinary and economic significance of our seasonal treasures and the agricultural bounty of our state.

Partnerships with Growers, Producers, Chefs, & Restaurants

Through leveraging relationships via our Oregon Taste Directory we will engage Oregon growers and producers, our aim is to spotlight the diverse spectrum of what comes from this region. This partnership serves a dual purpose - championing local, seasonal produce while offering the public insights into the economic significance of Oregon's bounty.

By presenting delectable recipes, our intention is to support small, independently owned restaurants and food establishments in Oregon while championing the farm-to-table movement, thus reinforcing the connection between producers and consumers.

Monthly Events in Director Park

In collaboration with the Portland Metro Chamber, we will host a monthly gathering to celebrate local farmers, producers, small business, downtown business, and the Oregon Taste of the Month product. Through these events we hope to build awareness and visibility, fostering a heightened appreciation for the artisans shaping our food landscape.

Events typically take place on the last Friday of each month, from 12pm - 2pm, though specific details can be found on each month's page.

Community-Centric Commitment in Our Downtown Core

We will support local organizations committed to providing fresh, wholesome foods to schoolchildren experiencing food insecurity. By directing our efforts towards nourishing young minds, we actively contribute to a healthier and more inclusive future.

Oregon Taste of the Month is partnering with the Portland Metro Chamber (formerly PBA) to activate Director Park every month in celebration of Oregon’s Bounty. The Portland Metro Chamber is amplifying this initiative with media buys, supporting the PR efforts of Oregon Taste of the Month and building partnerships with downtown stakeholders.

Interested in Participating?

Are you a farmer, vendor, or restaurant interested in participating in one or more of the Oregon Taste of the Month events? We'd love to discuss what partnering looks like.

Contact Jessica Elkan at jessicafelkan@jamesbeardmarket.com to learn more

Taste of the Month Partners

The Taste of the Month program is a celebration of Oregon's bounty, and we're proud to partner with the following organizations to produce it.