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Oregon Pear Varieties

As Oregon's state, fruit Pears play an essential role in our state's agriculture and cuisine. The stone fruit is a staple of the fall season and is harvested from August through October.

Oregon's rich soil and climate make it a prime crop for the Mid-Columbia and Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley growing regions. Many types of pears can be found throughout the state. Below you can find a list of the most common varieties.


Appearance: An egg-shaped pear variety that can come in both red and green colors

Flavor & Texture: A sweet citrus flavor with a juicy texture

Use: Can be used for eating fresh or for baking

Harvest Time: Fall

Bartlett Pears

Appearance: Bell-shaped pears that begin green but can change to yellow as they ripen.

Flavor & Texture: A pure pear flavor with a juicy texture

Use: Great for eating fresh or using in baked sweet or savory dishes

Harvest Time: Early Fall

Bosc Pears

Appearance: Bronze coloring with an elongated neck

Flavor & Texture: A crisp pear with a sweet-tart flavor that features notes of warming spices like cinnamon and nutmeg

Use: Wonderful for eating fresh in dishes like salads and work well in baking

Harvest Time: Fall


Appearance: Green fruit which may feature blushing with a distinctive short, squat shape

Flavor & Texture: Exceptionally Sweet, earthy flavor with soft juicy flesh

Use: Best served fresh in salads and on cheese boards

Harvest Time: Fall


Appearance: Bell-Shaped pear with a long green neck that turns yellow as it ripens

Flavor & Texture: Sweet vanilla flavor with dense flesh that turns soft upon ripening earthy flavor with soft juicy flesh

Use: Best for cooking, baking, and poaching as they maintain their shape.

Harvest Time: Fall

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