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Oregon Strawberry Varieties

The Willamette Valley has the perfect combination of fertile soil, and pristine mountain water to grow premium strawberries that taste like a summer dream come true. Strawberries are a favorite of Oregon's warmest summer months and are harvested in late May and June while some varieties can be found ripening throughout the season as late as August and early September.

Many types of strawberries are grown in Oregon. Below you can find a list of the most common varieties.

Photo of Albion strawberries by Lori Warner at Groundwork Organics at Portland Farmers Market

Albion Strawberries

Appearance: conical shaped

Flavor & Texture: good, sweet flavor and excellent firmness

Use: great for eating fresh and for fruit salad, not as great for baking as some other varieties

Harvest Time: often one of the first varieties of the season in late May and available throughout the summer months

Photo of Hood strawberries by Oregon Strawberry Commission

Hood Strawberries

Appearance: small to medium sized, intense deep red all the way through the middle

Flavor & Texture: super sweet and juicy, softer than most other varieties, fragile and must be used quickly after picking

Use: a favorite for popping into your mouth fresh, also great for jams, sauces and dessert toppings like ice cream

Harvest Time: available for a very short window of 2 to 3 weeks right at the beginning of strawberry season

Shuksan Strawberries

Appearance: large, bright red with a broad wedge shape, heart-shaped middles and yellow/red seeds

Flavor & Texture: medium-firm texture

Use: all purpose, excellent for eating fresh, freezing whole, or for making preserves and jam, good for bakers as they hold up better to heat and processing

Harvest Time: early in the berry season, late May and early June

Seascape Strawberries

Appearance: large, red, round and evenly shaped

Flavor & Texture: firm, sweet

Use: great for eating fresh and popular for home gardens

Harvest Time: berries ripen throughout the growing season from late May to September

Mary's Peak Strawberries

The newest variety of strawberry developed in 2018 by the US Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service in conjunction with Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station.

Appearance: medium to large size, deep red throughout

Flavor & Texture: sweet, firm

Use: good for fresh eating, preserves and freezing

Harvest Time: June bearing, but ripen later than many of the other popular varietals and are often still available at the beginning of July

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