Oregon's Local

Farmers Markets

Oregon’s diverse agricultural communities are served by local, seasonal farmers markets across the state. Each market has its own local flavor and is organized to serve the local community’s tastes and interests. There are so many delicious reasons to support your local farmers markets!

Find a Farmers Market

Hundreds of Farmers Markets operate across Oregon. Search by region to find Farmers Markets near you or anywhere in the state. Choose a region to see a list of all farmers markets in that area, and click on the regional "Map View" feature to see a helpful markets map.

Did You Know?

There are many delicious reasons to support your local farmers markets! Farmers markets provide families of all income levels access to nutritious locally and regionally produced foods. Many Oregon farmers markets accept SNAP benefits and other critical food assistance in an effort to make fresh, healthy food accessible to everyone. Most of the farmers markets in the state are affiliated with the Oregon Farmers Markets Association.

The Farmers Market Coalition, a national organization providing resources for farmers markets, explains that by cutting out middlemen, farmers selling their products at farmers markets receive more of shoppers’ food dollars and shoppers receive the freshest and most flavorful food in their area. This farmers markets model benefits our local communities.

You can learn more about farmers markets at the Oregon Farmers Markets Association's website.


Looking For More?

If you know of a Farmers Market we don't have listed, or a fresh food vendor within it, send us an email and let us know!

Additionally, some Farmers Markets in Oregon also feature online marketplaces. The Oregon Farmers Market Association maintains a list of active online farmers markets, which you can browse here.