Tre-Fin Day Boat Seafood

Our Day Boat (same day caught) seafood comes from OR and WA waters. We follow strict protocols that make us and it unique:

+Each fish is caught individually, with a hook and line.
+Within a minute of being landed, each fish is bled & chilled in a saltwater ice slurry. Once cold, the fish are packed in specially insulated boxes and covered with saltwater ice for the trip back to port.
+We bring our fish back to port within 24 hours to ensure that it's the freshest, highest quality seafood you can find. +We cut the fish ourselves, one at a time, in our certified processing facility. Then, we vacuum-pack and freeze the fillets.
+Our fish is never frozen before we cut it.
+We distribute our catch for an ultra short, transparent supply chain

Known For
Sustainably-caught Day Boat Seafood, hand-cut and processed in our own facility
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