Stamboom Meats

Minimizing land erosion and waste impacts in water runoff, Stamboom Meats' heritage breeds benefit the land as they graze and root in the oak forests. This breed of pigs utilizes the forest floor to forage acorns, leaves, worms, roots and tubers, creating a balanced, healthy, and vigorous pig. A well balanced, active, and healthy animal is the foundation that enables them as butchers to create a delicious and nourishing product. By caring for the land, Stamboom Meats is able to provide the ideal growing habitat and environment for their specialty heritage pigs. Stamboom Meats hopes to create awareness of what people eat. To help folks think and understand before consuming what is in front of them. The connection to the land, to the farmer, to the animal, and finally to the taste and experience of eating is their main mission. They want to make people experience this and believe in what they are eating. It is not just an incredibly tasty, decadent, mouthful of fats and proteins, it is supporting a perspective, supporting a community, and supporting a livelihood. Order onlne or find us at the Hood River or Mosier Farnmers Markets

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