Pole Creek Ranch

Our mission here at Pole Creek Ranch is to create healthy land, healthy animals, and a healthy community. We raise certified Red-Angus natural beef, that we sell directly to consumers via beef boxes or beef shares. Our 345-acre ranch is nestled among the ponderosa forests and snow-capped mountains of Sisters, Oregon, and has been a staple of the local community since 1885. Over the years the ranch has been home to sheep, goats, eagles, majestic elk, Arabian horses, llamas, cattle, and even camels. To responsibly manage our land, we use regenerative agricultural practices and intensive rotational grazing to mimic the grazing patterns of wild herds, enriching the quality and biodiversity of our soil. At Pole Creek Ranch, we believe in fresh, local, natural food. That means no hormones or antibiotics in our beef. Ever. Our process is simple by design. We pasture raise our cattle on Central Oregon heritage grasses, pristine mountain spring water, and curated natural grains. Then we dry-age our beef for at least 14 days for incredible flavor and tenderness. That's the Pole Creek Ranch difference; the purest possible inputs and a small-batch dedication to an unrivaled product.
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pasture raised beef
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