Canby Farm and Kitchen

Natasha and Nathan annually grow over 200 varieties of specialty and heirloom produce on 5-6 acres of farm land. What sets their growing practices apart from others is the philosophy that every crop has a peak growing time during the year. The strong belief that the quality and flavor of a vegetable grown during its proper season is unbeatable in its nutrition and flavor is a core foundation of Canby Farm and Kitchen.

Canby Farm and Kitchen is an eco-conscious, regenerative, and sustainable farm. There is absolutely no use of any type of pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide; in fact, the farmers don't spray at all. The practice of planting crops in the correct season helps to avoid insect pests; also attracting beneficial insects such as green lacewing, ladybugs, and bees by planting certain species of flowers helps to control pests, as well as the use of barn cats, owls, eagles, and hawks to help control the rodent population. Natasha and Nathan practice crop rotation, green manuring and hand weeding in order to ensure that the soil is fertile every year; all of the seeds are sown by hand, each plant is planted by hand, and every vegetable is harvested by hand at its peak freshness and ripeness only days before being sold.

Find us at Oregon City and Montavilla Farmers Markets. See our social media for more details.

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