Anchor Ranch Farm

At Anchor Ranch Farm we raise livestock outdoors on pasture and in the woods, on our family farm next to Thomas Creek in Linn County. We follow regenerative agriculture practices such as rotational grazing to improve soil fertility and avoid the use of chemical sprays.

Our livestock include truly free range pastured meat chickens, pasture-raised lamb, forest-raised Gloucester Old Spot pigs, and sometimes pasture-raised meat ducks. We are not "certified organic" but we do not spray our pasture with any chemicals including those approved for organic use, we do not use prophylactic medications, nor do we use CAFO management. All of our livestock except poultry live naturally outdoors every day of the year, with appropriate field shelters when necessary; our poultry go on the pasture as soon as they have grown enough feathers to keep warm at night. Our sheep eat grass and hay; our pigs and poultry forage, and also get a local, non-GMO feed mix.

Our Monthly Meat CSA is 10 pounds each month of a seasonally-selected mix of chicken, lamb, pork, and sometimes duck. We keep the best cuts for the CSA and sell the leftovers at farmers markets. We cannot deliver door-to-door but have several pickup locations around Portland or at the farm in Scio, and we are always looking to add more.

Besides the monthly CSA, we accept bulk pre-orders any time, and we fill bulk orders for meat chickens in the summer, half hog shares in spring and fall, and lamb shares in the winter. Hog and lamb shares are custom-butchered locally by state-inspected independent butcher shops. We also sell individual meat boxes similar to a single month of the CSA.

The best place to find out about our farm and to place an order is our website We also offer several discounts, including a discount for expectant mothers and families with young children, as well as for picking up your order at the farm. You are welcome to visit and tour the farm by appointment. We live here and have young children, so please make an appointment before visiting so we can make sure someone is available to meet you.

The name Anchor Ranch was chosen by a prior owner in honor of the U.S. Coast Guard; we kept it when we purchased the property.

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