Anchor Ranch Farm

We are a small, family-run farm. We raise sheep, heritage pigs, and chickens, outdoors on pasture and in the woods. We regularly move our animals to fresh pasture so they can forage.  In nature these animals are not sedentary, and by following natural cycles our animal partners grow naturally and healthily while helping to regenerate the farm's soil fertility. Our sheep eat grass and hay and our pigs and chickens get a locally-made, non-GMO feed in addition to forage.  Free range chickens provide chemical-free pest control and excellent fertilizer for our pastures.  Those pastures feed our sheep and lambs.  Foraging pigs are excellent at controlling blackberry and other invasive weeds and at clearing brush to reduce wildfire danger. We run a year-round CSA including 10+ pounds of meat each month of chicken, pork, and lamb.   Or, to save money, fill your freezer by pre-ordering a number of chickens, a half pig share, or a lamb share.  If you just try us out, find us at a local farmers market.  Check our website for more information or feel free to email or call us with questions.  

Known For
pasture-raised meat
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